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Travellin Chords

 This is a wicked song, I am pretty sure it 100% correct.

  Palm Mute the Intro and Verse's
    C       Am      F

Into: C Am F C   x4

Verse 1 - Same as Intro

Goodbye girl. Gone to see the world,
Out to see everything but me.
Your letters aint coming that much any more
Your letters aint coming at all. 

Verse 2 - Same as Intro
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I've been to Memphis; I've been to Rome,
But because you were here, I came back home.
Now I'm not trying to place any blame
But I came back for you now I'd expect you do the same. 
Prechours: G

  C         F     C        G         Am      F    C 
Travellin', travellin' so, so far away
If your comin' home.
  F             C
You'd better leave now,
 G             Am         F      C
You better leave now.

Verse 3:

Good-bye girl gone to see the world,
Out to see every thing you choose
Now it's becoming so clear
That your feet are planted deep
In your travellin' shoes


Travellin', travellin' so, so far away
If your comin' home.
You'd better leave now,
You better leave now.

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