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Only Friends Chords

I've had a lot of requests for this from the Southeastern crowd, so 
here goes. 

Song Title: Only friends
Artist: Matt and Randy (Headlights West)
Tabbed by:Matthew Wilkes

On the Am, hammer on the 1st fret , then the 3rd fret of the "b" string.
On the G, do not play the high E string, and hammer on the 3rd fret of 
the B string.
Have fun!

Am                                             G
I look into your eyes, even though you're not really there
walking through my head, my thoughts, my dreams...
so much left unsaid
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Am                                                G   
It's 2AM, last call  Steve and the boys just keep playing on
Am                                                     G      
Gunna have just one more round, watching my world turn upside down

Am                                       G
Another Tuesday night, in a bar, and I'm drunk again
Am                                         G
Seems the bar-ten-der and a bourbon are my only friends

Am                                            G
stumble outside ... the rain drops just keeps pouring down
Hard to tell the rain from my tears, washing away all those 
precious years

Slide in on the "G"chord on D string to the 12th fret. He plays around 
with the pentonic scale, but I'm not quite sure of the exact notes.

Repeat Verses 1 and 2.