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Ann The Man Chords

(Verse 1)

C                           Am

She walks like a woman, and talks like a man

          G                     D

she's my next door neighbor, oh Ann The Man, oh Ann The Man


she has a big sister named Valerie

     Am                                G            D

she wishes she was skinny, but she'll never be, oh Valerie, oh Valerie

(Verse 2)

C                               Am

She did a back flip and kicked Jesus in the mouth

              G                                  D
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and when she fell down she rocked the house, oh Valerie, oh Valerie

C                             Am

They sit around the house all day and flop

              G                                        D

and when its time for dinner they all pop-the-top, oh Ann The Man, oh Ann The Man


G    D       A

Now Ann has Rogain

G      D        A

that's a cryin' shame


Valerie if your hungary


and get on the rifragator's side

G                      D

follow Slim Fast it'll be your guide, oh Valeri, oh Valerie