Marshall Tucker Band Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. 24 Hours At A Time Chords
02. Abs Song Chords
03. Abs Song Tab
04. Am I That Kind Of Man Chords
05. Answer To Love Chords
06. Bob Away My Blues Chords
07. Bob Away My Blues Tab
08. Cant You See Chords
09. Cant You See (ver 2) Chords
10. Cant You See Tab
11. Cant You See Bass Tab
12. Cant You See Acoustic Tab
13. Cant You See Acoustic (ver 2) Tab
14. Cattle Drive Chords
15. Change Is Gonna Come Chords
16. Desert Skies Chords
17. Desert Skies Tab
18. Dream Lover Chords
19. Everybody Needs Somebody Tab
20. Face Down In The Blues Tab
21. Fire On The Mountain Chords
22. Fire On The Mountain (ver 2) Chords
23. Fire On The Mountain Bass Tab
24. Fire On The Mountain (ver 2) Bass Tab
25. Fire On The Mountain Intro Tab
26. Fire On The Mountain Intro (ver 2) Tab
27. Foolish Dreaming Chords
28. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad Tab
29. Good Ole Hurtin Song Chords
30. Heard It In A Love Song Chords
31. Heard It In A Love Song (ver 2) Chords
32. Heard It In A Love Song Tab
33. Heard It In A Love Song (ver 2) Tab
34. Holding On To You Chords
35. Ill Be Loving You Tab
36. In My Own Way Chords
37. It Takes Time Tab
38. I Should Have Never Started Loving You Chords
39. Keeps Me From All Wrong Chords
40. Last Of The Singing Cowboys Chords
41. Losin You Chords
42. Low Down Ways Chords
43. Never Trust A Stranger Chords
44. Property Line Chords
45. Property Line (ver 2) Chords
46. Running Like The Wind Tab
47. Searchin For A Rainbow Chords
48. Searchin For A Rainbow Solo Tab
49. Singing Rhymes Chords
50. Take The Highway Tab
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