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I Dont Wanna Know Chords

mario winans i don't wanna know it werks even 2 the music. hope u like it.Liam
Dodd submited this to all my friends cheers!!! i luv leanne s n sophie n wooo!!!

Bm  A  repeat few time

Bm                 A
Somebody said they saw you
Bm                  A       Em     Bm
The person you were kissing wasn't me
Bm            A
I would never ask you
Bm             A
I just kept it to myself
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A            Bm
I dont wanna know 
        A                        Bm
If your playin me keep it on the low
       A                       Bm
Coz my heart can't take it any more
            A                           Bm
And if your creepin please don't let it show
   A                  Bm
Oh baby i don't wanna know

Verse 2



Bm                           A
Did he touch you better than me
A                     Bm
Did he watch you fall asleep
Bm                         A                             Bm
Did you show him all those things that you used to do to me
Bm                      A
If your better off that way
A                     Bm
Baby what i'd like to say
Bm                A                            Bm
Is go and do your thing and don't come back to me


Chorus x3