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Tainted Love Bass Tab

Song:Tainted Love
Artist:Marilyn Manson
Tabbed by:Steven Warner
Standard tuning
This tab is 100% correct.

By the way before I start if you are ever seeing my Rammstein tabs read the comments at the bottom that fixes them. So right them down. Now on with the tab!

This is probably one of the easiest bass lines I have ever played. Anyone can play this. So heres Manson's version of   Soft Cells, Tainted Love.
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E|3-3| G is the only note you play for the verse. You must repeat the G-G several times in the verse, but I don't actually have this song. I only get to listen to it on MTV2
so listen to the song to find out how many times you should repeat this in a verse. This is accurate, I assure you!!!


So that's the verse and chorus covered listen to the song for how many verses and choruses you need.