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Why So Sad Chords

Manic Street Preachers

Why So Sad

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This version is correct - the other 1 is in the wrong key

A                            Bm
Things get clear when I feel free
C#m                          D
But What happens next comes easily
E                            F#
What gentle hands you brought to me
          A                Cm          A
When your eyes feel weak and tired it truly hits
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A                            Bm
When I missed you you were my life
C#m                        D
So at ease in the midnight sky
E                         F#
My insides will look like wire
A           Cm              A
Paralysed as if to show my thoughts

So why so sad?
You live and you love
So why so sad?
C#m                         C#m - Cm - Bm
You've taken all the love
Bm            E
Searching for the dead sea scrolls
     G       F#m
So why, so why so sad

Verse 2 (same chords as verse 1)

My smiles as real as a hyenas
Burns an express way to my skull
well I will stick myself together again
My spirit, soul and body know I cant pretend




It should all be OK - I figured it out watching the manics playin
it on TV