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Let Robeson Sing Chords

Artist- Manic Street Preachers
Track- Let Robeson Sing (05)
Album- Know Your Enemy
Tabbed by- Alex Greaves

This is another fantastic song from a great album. This song and album are definitely
worth listening to. Well this is my first tab on the net so lets hope its ok. I抳e 
only seen one tab of this on the net and that was pants no offense to who wrote. So 
lets give it a try eh!

Verse- The timing isn抰 right here cos I couldn抰 be bothered! 
g---------------------------------2--------------------------3----------    (4x)

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where are you now
broken up or still around
he CIA says you抮e a guilty man
will we see the likes of you again

can anyone make a difference anymore
can anyone write a protest song
pinky, lefty revolutionary
Burnt at the stake for?

G                 A      D                 Em
A voice so pure, a vision so clear
G                                       A
I gotta learn to live like you
Learn to sing like you, ooohh!

Verse- (Guitaring same as last verse)

Went to cuba to meet castro
Never got past sleepy Moscow
A giant man with a heavenly voice
MK ultra turns you paranoid

No passport till 1958
Mcartney poisoned through with hate
Liberty lost still burned today
Beneath the lie of the USA


(Funny part with the and his stupid voice)

sing it loud, sing it proud
it will be heard I will be found

Happy Strumming

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