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Not To Me Chords

"Not To Me" by M2M (2002).  Released as a B-side/Bonus track on the "Everything" CD single.

Tabbed by Medalion (medalionemissary@hotmail.com).

Some of the m2m fans at http://www.marion-raven.com asked for a tab for this song, so 
I was the first to tab it I think so here ya go...

The piano intro part can be played on guitar all on the little e-string, very very simple.

e--5-5---3--3--5-5---3 (and so on, listen for timing)
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/m2m/not_to_me_crd.html ]
Verse chords (sorry no lyrics here, can't understand from my copy of the song but you 
can HEAR the chord changes easily in the voicings)

G (C Am7) D

A special note about the bracketed chords of C and Am7.  At times you can switch these
chords around so it's like G, Am7, C, D... don't ask me why but it works both ways.

Chorus chords
G Cadd9 D

then back to G...

That's pretty much it.  It's not really a guitar song.