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Gerbil Song Tab

Gerbil Song

This is a fairly easy song. The finger picking is as follows


Repeat thorughout

A          G             D       C 
I bought a gerbil at the petting zoo.
A          G               D      C
If Richard Gere can do it, I can, too.
A       G          D        C 
I get undressed, I start to lube.
A           G             D          C
I stick the gerbil in the end of the tube.

A#              A  
Wondering just how he'll feel;
A#                                A 
will he like it better than his little wheel?
A#                A 
Careful now he's right beside me.
A#                  A 		C	
One more inch and he's inside me.
DA#D A#      D    A#  D  A# 
Go, Gerbil, go! 

D      A#       D      A#
Burrow harder, burrow deeper!
D     A#      D       A# 
Be my little chimney sweeper!
D         A#    D   A#
One thing I forgot about:
C                N/C
how am I supposed to get you out?
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   A      G           D    C
So now my gerbil’s on easy street.
A             G                D         C
It's warm and cozy and there's plenty to eat.
A         G      D         C 
The situation is beyond my control.
A            G             D           C
Gotta find a way to get him out of his hole.

A#              A 
I try crowbars, I try wires.
A#                       A 
I almost had him with a pair of pliers.
A#                   A 
I tried cheese but he's not biting.
A#                 A 		C
I wish this wasn't so exciting.
DA#D  A #       D    A#  D  A# 
Go, gerbil, go!
D      A#    D      A# 
Jesus, I am such a sucker!
D          A#       D     A#
Please get out you furry f*cker!
D       A#     D      A 
I think I am getting ill.
C              N/C
Suddenly, he's very, very still

A            G       D      C
Now it's too late my gerbil died.
A             G          D    C 
I guess I have committed gerbicide.
A           G       D               C 
Here's some advice, it's very clear cut:
A               G       D                         A  G D C A
if you love your gerbil, don't stick him up your butt.

Repeat chords with scatting...