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Barenaked Tab

Artist - Jennifer Love Hewitt 
Song - Barenaked 
Album - Barenaked

Standard tuning- EADGBE

Riff 1 : all thtough the song.

      G        D Dsus2     Am       C
|------ -0----2-----2-------2------------0--------|

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 verses & chours : 
   G                 D   
   do u ever have that dream 
   (Dsus2)          Am         C
   where youre walking naked down the street...
 only thing different:
   D                      Am
   Sometimes I feel Im the only one 
   D                     Am          D
   Whose day turned out unlike it had begun..  

320033 G
xx0232 D
xx0230 Dsus2
x02210 Am 
032010 C

I hope youll find this usefull
ORI Daniel