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Fake Sound Of Progress Tab

I dont think Lostprophets have actually made an acoustic version of
of this but i got bored and decided to tab the version that i made

Im only actually certain of the Intro and Chorus...the song is tuned 
down but i just play this version in E.

Am     Bm     Em     F#m

Here are the lyrics for you:(Please ignore any spelling mistakes)

Never reason with a fool, But is that unkind?
Looks like i've lost my mind once again.
I know it all sounds to contround, But it's got to me
You know i've got to be more than this

Don't fret, Don't score, Cos i walk a different street to you
You're looks are worn, I bet that life has got to blow
But it will, Never get to me
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Somebody told me that i'd always have to bow
If that was true i would have fallen apart by now,
The more you think the less you work that way,
So can you hear this, The fake sound of progress.

And i feel the way you hold, Hold me back from this
Chances that ive missed, Now they're gone
Hapothy is all i sense, The feelings too intense
Sitting on the fence cant decide

All these words that i cant afford, Never fear another day
All these thoughts and i want more, Make me take away
Tell me now can you hear the sound, Of all these people falling down
Running back into the ground, Make me smile again

Aaaarrggghhh SWING I

I think there are one of 2 words that are off there but its about 98% correct