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Los Lonely boys...a great new band out of Texas with varied influences ranging from
The Allman Brothers, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Freddie King and more, have brought
a breath of fresh air to "top fourty" music.  Thank you LLB for showing the music
industry that there is more to music than boy bands and overproduced bubblegum crap,
these guys write their own music and lyrics! keep it up!!!
Tabbed by: Nukidntwn3@yahoo.com

   The intro is D minor: high e string 10th fret, b 10th, g 10th, and d 12th. Then
with your pinky hammer on and pull off the high e 12th fret. The next chord is the top
4 strings of the C Major (8th fret) hammer on and pull off 10th fret g string. It does
this same part through all the solos. The verses are b,e,eminor, back to b. The chorus
is d minor to G, back and forth then to the C. The bridge after the first solo is e
minor to an Am to Dm to G.  
*(NOTE) Henry is tuned 1/2 step down on the recording, but I tabbed this in standard-
in case your'e playing along and wondering why youre out of tune...

The song is played exclusively w/ barre chords. 

C (8th fret full barre chord) 
I'm calling up my cherie, tell her that I'm gonna leave
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F (8th fret)           Fm            C
cause I'm moving on to Hollywood you see.

It's always been a lifelong dream, for my family

F            Fm             C 
to see me... on that silver screen.

Dm (10th fret)    G (10th fret)     Dm               G
I know I can't go wrong, cause I've finally found my song

Dm                     G         C
I'm headed where I belong...Hollywood.

There's something in store for me, and nothing like the tragedies

F                         Fm            C
that have seen me thru in real life you see.

Dm                G                 Dm               G
I know I can't go wrong, cause I've finally found my song

    Dm               G          Dm          C
I'm headed where I belong...Hollywood, Hollywood.

 In the outro funk it up and use a right hand muting technique to mimic Henry's rhythms.

I don't feel like tabbing the whole solo out, but I will tell you that the first notes
of the first solo are all played on the high e and g strings simultaneously. Have fun!!!