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Make A Million Chords

/Make a Million - Long Addiction/
/Written By - Paul Curtis-Harper

/the tuning for this song is actually E b e g# b e but you can play it
 with standard tuning like this/

/Verse - 1/
   E                                A                             E
   When your walking, to the places you, know you wanna take me to
                                     A                         B  
   When your talking, no one listens to, you when your talking through
                          A                            E
   Conversations that you know, Conversations that you know

/Verse - 2/
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   When the time is right, i'll leave you all behind
   For the dream i wanna find
   As the time goes by, life's what i wanna find
   Free to do what i like
   Cos i know i'm gonna make it alone x2


   A                                       E
     Cos in time you know its gonna make me wild
   A                                     E
     I walk around in circles for another night
   A                                E 
     I'll try again just to make me smile
   A                                     B
     I'll make a million just to see you proud
                         A                       E
     To see you proud of me, to see you proud of me

/Verse - 3/

   I see your lonely face, Taking up that space
   And your a million miles away
   How can i sustain, this smile i have today
   When your a million miles away
   When your a million miles from home x2

/Verse - Solo/

That's it see ya next time