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What It Feels Like Bass Tab

I saw these guys in concert with Sum 41 and I thaught they where pretty good.  I bought
the album and loved it.  I think this is pretty close to it but I am not sure.  Heres
what I got.  Please feel free to make corrections.

I think the song is in A# Aeolian.
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G--------------------------|---------------------------|listen for the note 
D--------------------------|---------------------------|placement and rythm.

at the begining play an E6.  Then pause till after he says "what it feels like" then
it's an E--66-6--6|
Then when he starts singing "touch me where you want to...etc." play:
A-9999999988886666|feel free to add rythm

The rest isn't to hard to figure out.  Play around with the rythms in the verses.