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Faithful Chords


C                   Dm
I never wanted anyone before
G7                     C - Em - Am
Half as much as I want you
I finally found what I've been searching for
    D7        G
My whole life through

C                         Dm
You're the answer to the prayers I've prayed
G7                          C - Em - Am
More than I've ever dreamed of
So I give to you my heart today
     D7                 G7
And pledge my eternal love
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        C     Em    F                G7
I'll be faithful, faithful till the end
       C     Em      F
I'm so thankful that heaven
Chose to send you
          F             C
And this love will last forever
E7              Am
Forever I'll be true
       F     G7    C
And be faithful to you

You're my one and only one you see
There's just no one to compare
I'll hold and keep you close to me
Way beyond our golden years

Our two hearts will always beat as one
One thing you can know for sure
I promise that I'll never let you down
Your trust in me's secure

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