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Dont Look Back Chords

Great song by Sir Lloyd of Cole.....

Could play bar chords and different versions or add9's in places, the F(A) in the
chorus could be add9, also the Am7(C#m7) could just be Am(C#m)..
This is how i play it anyway:


Capo 4th fret...
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lloyd_cole/dont_look_back_crd.html ]
G(B)                   Cadd9(Eadd9)
     When you're nothing to no one
G(B)                    Cadd9(Eadd9) 
     And you're less than you can
G(B)                     Cadd9(Eadd9)
     And you're looking for someone
Am7(C#m7)                 Cadd9(Eadd9)   
      Who won't cling to anything
G(B)                     Cadd9(Eadd9)
    So you're stuck in some motel
G(B)                  Cadd9(Eadd9)
With the sound of her sleeping
G(B)                  Cadd9(Eadd9)
Don't you feel kinda old now
Am7(C#m7)             G(B)  
   Well ain't that a funny thing
F(A)                  C(E)
   I used to wake up early
          G(B)       C(E)  C/B(E/Eb) 
I used to try to believe
Am7(C#m7)              D(F#)
   But life seems neverending
When you're young

G(B)         Cadd9(Eadd9)
mmmm mmm  mmm mmmmmm
Am7(C#m7)    Cadd9(Eadd9)
oooh  ooh  ooh  ooooh 

Same chord pattern for rest of song:

So you're back on the highway
And there's wind in her hair
And you know that it's no time for thinking
About somebody up there
'cause you'll turn her to drinking
And you'll lead her to hell
With her bottle beside her
She surely looks like an angel
I used to wake up early
I used to try to believe
But faith is never easy
When you're young
No no no
I used to wake up early  
Now it's hard, hard enough to sleep
But life seems neverending
When you're young
Oh no no no no