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Date: Sat, 9 Sep 1995 16:06:36 -0700
From: kclamp@CCTR.UMKC.EDU (Ken Lamp)
Subject: Supernatural (Live)

From: MTV Unplugged
Written by: Vic Chestnut

Tabbed by: (Ken Lamp)

I have attempted to tab this from the MTV Unplugged performance.
I could use some help with the words if anybody knows them better.
The alternating chords are depicted, but I've only written the
starting chord in the verses.  They vary how the chords alternate
throughout the song, do it the way it sounds good to you.

Am   x02210
Am7  x02010
C    x32010
C9/B x30010
G    320033
G?   300033

    Am                C               G
    v  v  ^ v ^ v     v  v  ^ v ^ v   v  v  ^ v ^ v  v
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 Am    <-------------------------|
-1--1--1-1-1-1--1-1----  repeat--| x1
 v  v  ^ v ^ v  v v

Am            C            G              Am
Beauty came on, complements courage and advertisement
Am                 C                G               Am
Still they see him shimmy, ephemeral it ain't, supernatural
        G         Am
No it ain't, supernatural

Am (let ring)
Supernatural, it may be

Am C G Am

Am                    C                 G                Am
It was an out of body experience, yes I flew around a hospital room once
Am         C           G             Am
Intravenous Demerol and it was, supernatural
   G               Am
No it wasn't, supernatural

Am (let ring)
Supernatural, it may be

Am C G Am

Am                    C                G                      Am
A certain smell eh eh, a certain view, spoke to a case of the deja vu
Am        C                  G               Am
Is it inexplicable?, no no no it ain't, supernatural
    G             Am
No it ain't, supernatural

Am (let ring)
Supernatural, maybe

Am C G Am
Am C G Am
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