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Cant Forget You Chords

Espen Lindvik - Can`t Forget you

Gsus4 		Csus4
I ... can`t forget you
Dsus4			G
You will always be the one
Gsus4	         Csus4
The one i always love
Dsus4			Gsus4
The one I`ll always dream of..
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Em		Gsus4   Csus4 Dsus4
Why can`t you come back to me?
Em	      Gsus4   Csus4 Dsus4
Why can`t you just hold ...  me?
Csus4    Gsus4        Em       Dsus4
I wan`t to be with you all the time,
Csus4    Gsus4    Dsus4
Every second you breath

I want-to-watch you when you sleep
Thoose nice blue eyes in the night..
I want to be in your dreams
Every day and every night

If you just give me one more chance
I swear you wont regret..
I will give you what you want,
If you will always be mine..


I don`t want you to go away
I want to hold you in my arms
I can`t sleep when your gone..
Because I really think I love you..

Gsus4 Csus4 Dsus4


spill Gsus4 Csus4 Dsus4 to ganger før du avslutter med Gsus4