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The Wes Interlude Bass Tab

          Artist: Limp Bizkit
          Song: (actually not a song...yet an interlude...) The Wes Interlude
          Album: Significant Other
          Composed By: BiSk~LiMpKiT (
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          Hmm...most of you are probably like "wtf, Wes Interlude? It doesn't
exist!" Yeah it does. Try the hidden track on significant's when Wes
is talking and singing nonsense. I put a funky little bassline to it...listen to
the interlude to get the beat...hope y'all enjoy.


          'Dats it. Simplest bassline for the evilest song on the most expensive
          piece of shiny plastic you'll ever own... =)

           BiSk~LiMpKiT 1999...take my work and i'll hunt you down and put gum
          in your hair...