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Author/Artist: Limp Bizkit (Durst/Borland/Otto/Rivers/Lethal)
Title: No Sex
Album: Significant Other
Transcribed by: Roger Lussier

This is an awesome song off of an awesome album....

I figured this out on a bass first, then i figured out the

guitar part, they basically move along the same chords, so you will get

both the guitar and the bass parts :-)

Tuning-standard EADGBE

Verse Riff:


With autoWah, Flange and some other cool stuff
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The Chorus (should have left my pants on this time) 
Is Power Chords...... 
C# A B G C# A B C# 

Then you Play the Verse Riff Again 

And the End Of The next chorus 
There is a Little Um... Interlude Section Before The 
Part Which I would call a bridge 
C# x8 A x8 (Power Chords) x2 
then B (a few times) C (few times) C# (All Power Chords) 

The Bridge 
part 1 (You Couldnt Respect Yourself) 
I dont have time to tab this guitar part out 
But i will give you the roots to it (the Bass Line) and you 
can figure it out :) 

Bridge Part 2 
(Realize that Im Worth More Than That) 
Power Chords (again) 
C# x 4 
A x 4 
B x 4 
C x 4 
Repeat until Chorus Starts Again 

This Is An Awesome Song..... 
Buy the Album if you dont have it 
for all You Bass Players, THe bass part is just the roots of the power 
chords for all of the song except for the part that i wrote out 
This Is my first tab, so if you have any comments, good or bad, please be