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Hold On Bass Tab

Artist: Limp Bizkit
Song: Hold On
Album: chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water

A tab by Tic Tac
@ =

I know, Not a specily hard song to play.
But this is all their is 2 it!

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G |----9---10---9---10--9h10-----
D |-----------7---9--------------
A |--7---9-----------------------
E |------------------------------
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G |----9---10---9---10--9h10p9----
D |-----------7---9--------------
A |--7---9-----------------------
E |------------------------------

Repeat this the hole song



2:     let the note ring
~2    vibrate the note
‰3    vibrate the note up and down
2/~  vibrate the note when pulling it up or down
\/     pull it up or down
3h4  hammer on from note 3 too 4
5p4  pull off from note 5 too 4
s      Slap Note
p      pop note