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High Chords

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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 10:28:27 +0200
From: Jan Kowalski 
Subject: l/lighthouse_family/high.crd

Lighthouse Family

 B                             F#                    G#m             G#m/E
 When you´re close to tears remember someday it´ll all be over
 B                         F#    G#m E
 one day we gonna get so high.
 B                         F#                  G#m                   G#m/E
 Though it´s darker than december what´s ahead is a different colour 
 B                             F#     G#m E
 one day we´re gonna get so high.
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          F#7m                                       E7m                     
And at the end of the day remember the days when we were close to the end
F#7m                     E7m
and wonder how we made it throught the night.
F#7m                                           E7m      
At the end of the day remember the way we stayed so close to the end
F#7m                          E         F# 
We´ll remember it was me and you
           B                F# G#m                E              B         F#
Cause we are gonna be forever you and me, you'll always keep it flying high 
       G#m    E
in the sky of love

Don´t you think it´s time you started doing what we always wanted one day
we´re gonna get so high Cause even the impossible is easy when we got each
other one day we´re gonna get so high

Chorus 2x


1) F#7m and E7m sounds best when played as D7m on the 4th and 2nd fret,

4) G#m/E is G#m with the finger on the 5th fret of the 2nd string (h,b,
whatever ;) ). 

5) For any comments please mail me at

Enjoy !