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Open Arms Chords

   Open Arms

     Intro Chords: Em Em7 Em Em7

Verse 1

Em Em7  Em    Em7   Em Em7   Em     Em7       Am          Em
  I had no assurance, then I gave my life to you...  to you.
  Em7      Em       Em7   Em Em7       Em    Em7     Am                     Em
  Now I call your name out, and that's all I have to do... I'm indebted to you
  But you said

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       C        D               G      D/F#          C
  It's alright now, and if you look I think you'll find
           Am             D                    Em Em7 Em Em7
  that anytime I will accept you with open arms

Verse 2

  Em    Em7          Em     Em7  Em     Em7     Am           Em Em7 Em Em7
  Everyday has trials, so I'll turn my eyes on you... on you.
           G   D/F#  C    Em Em7
  And it's alright now...

Chorus 2 times

Guitar solo

Piano solo

Chorus 2 times