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Youre My Waterloo Chords

Ok here is the chords for You're my waterloo by the libertines good song.  The chords
are really easy you should be able to get it really easily.  I also have the riff, and
ill put it on later if i can b bothered you can email me and ill give it to you at
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C                          E
You'll never fumigate the demons 
Am                        F   E
No matter how much you smoke 
C                         E
Just say you love me for three good reasons 
Am                     F  E
And I'll throw you the rope 
You don't need it 
C                   E
Cause you are the survivor 
Am               F  E 
Of more than one life 
C                   E
And you're the only lover I had 
Am                    F    E
Who ever slept with a knife 
C                       E
But you're not Judy Garland 
Oh just like me
                    F     E 
You've never really had a home (of your Own)
C                 E
But I'm not Tony Carter, baby 
Until the day 
   F         E
We stone the crows 
   F         E
We stone the crows 

A    E         (underneath riff)
A    E