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Death On The Stairs Chords


From way far across the sea
Came an eritsean maiden she
Had a one track mind and eyes for me
Half blinded in the war
With a pale young anglican
Who said he'd help her all he can
A#                                          D#
Showed her Jesus and his little un-holy friend
She had no mind to please him
F                               A#
Just say 'ta-ra' and leave him behind
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There's a little boy in a stairwell who say
"I hate people like you"
Got matches & cable TV half of less than 50p
We all clambered over the balcony
Banging on the window waking steve
Bringing with a new love his un-holy friend
If you really need it you mustn't leave it behind
A#                D#
Please kill me no don't kill me
But don't bring that ghost round to my door

I don't wanna see them anymore

A#                D#
Please kill me no don't kill me
But don't bang on about yesterday
I wouldn't know about that anyway

Monkey asked the mouse before
If she loved anybody more than he
It turns you into stone
Now i'm reversing down this lonely street
To a cheap hotel when i can meet the past
And pay it off and keep it sweet
It's sweet like nothing at all
Yes i've seen you there how could i help but stare
It rips the heart out off your body
Now i've taken far too much to think
Or see or touch what's real i'm stranded on this street that
Paved my only way home
You really need it you just won't leave it behind
He got nothing he got nothing at all