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Fly Away Tab

Song: Fly Away
Artist: Lenny Kravitz
Tabbed By: Jeremy Breedlove
Contact: jer1400tk@hotmail.com

Notation Legend: 

~ = Vibrato 
h = Hammer On 
p = Power Off 
/ = Slide Up To 
\ = Slide Down To 
b = Bend To 
r = Release To 
^ = Slight Bend 

The key is F and the chord progression is G, A#, F, C. Go nuts. :P 


    D     U D U D U  D     U D U D U  D     U D U D U   D      U  D  U  D  U 
E  :3-----3---3---3-|6-----6---6---6-|1-----1---1---1-|-8------8-----8-----8-| 
B  :3-----3---3---3-|6-----6---6---6-|1-----1---1---1-|-8------8-----8-----8-| 
G  :4-----4-4-4-4-4-|7-----7-7-7-7-7-|2-----2-2-2-2-2-|-9------9--9--9--9--9-| 
D  :5-----5-5-5-5-5-|8-----8-8-8-8-8-|3-----3-3-3-3-3-|10-----10-10-10-10-10-| 
A  :5-------5---5---|8-------8---8---|3-------3---3---|10--------10----10----| 
E  :3-------3---3---|6-------6---6---|1-------1---1---|-8---------8-----8----| 


E  :----------------|----------------|----------------| 
B  :----------------|----------------|----------------| 
G  :----------------|----------------|----------3-----| 
D  :----------------|--------------3-|5-5---5-5-----30| 
A  :----------------|----------3-5---|----------------| 
E  :----------------|----------------|----------------| 

E  :-----------------|----------------|-------------------| 
B  :-----------------|----------------|-------------------| 
G  :-----------------|----------------|-------------------| 
D  :5~-----53--------|----------------|---3--------------3| 
A  :---------5-3---30|1-------------1-|3h5--3-1-3h51------| 
E  :-----------------|----------1-3---|--------------3-1--| 

E  :-------------------|------------------|--------------6-8-| 
B  :-------------------|------------------|---8~-------8-----| 
G  :----------3~-------|----5b7r535-3---3-|5/7---------------| 
D  :/5-5~---55---------|--------------5---|------------------| 
A  :-------------------|------------------|------------------| 
E  :-------------------|------------------|------------------| 

E  :8^-8^---8b98-----86|8^--6--------------| 
B  :-------------------|-----868~--------8-| 
G  :-------------------|--------------7/9--| 
D  :-------------------|-------------------| 
A  :-------------------|-------------------| 
E  :-------------------|-------------------| 

E  :---------------------|-------------------| 
B  :10b118-10---8--------|-------------------| 
G  :----------9---9-\7-5-|3---5---3-3h5p3----| 
D  :---------------------|--5-5-5--------h55-| 
A  :---------------------|-------------------| 
E  :---------------------|-------------------| 
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lenny_kravitz/fly_away_tab_ver_7.html ]
E  :-------------------------|--------------6---| 
B  :-------------------------|---8~-------8---8-| 
G  :3h5p3----3h5p3----3h5p3--|5/7---------------| 
D  :-----h55------h55------h5|------------------| 
A  :-------------------------|------------------| 
E  :-------------------------|------------------| 

E  :b9-b9-6-----------|------------------|-----------------| 
B  :--------8-6-------|------------------|-----------------| 
G  :------------------|------------------|-----------------| 
D  :------------8-----|------------------|---3-5-3---------| 
A  :--------------8---|3/51-3---3h51-3---|3h5------5-3-----| 
E  :----------------6-|-------3--------3-|-------------5-3-| 

E  :----------------| 
B  :----------------| 
G  :----------------| 
D  :5---------------| 
A  :5---------------| 
E  :3---------------| 

Here are some of the fills heard towards the end: 

    U   U   U D U D U    U   U D 
E  :3-*-3-*-3-3-3-3-|3-*-3-*-3-3-----| 
B  :3-*-3-*-3-3-3-3-|3-*-3-*-3-3-----| 
G  :----------------|----------------| 
D  :----------------|----------------| 
A  :----------------|----------------| 
E  :----------------|----------------| 

E  :----------------|-----------------|----------------|----------------| 
B  :----------------|-----------------|----------------|----------------| 
G  :----------------|-----------------|----------------|------5-*-3-----| 
D  :----------------|------5~---------|----------------|------5-*-3-----| 
A  :----x-------x---|--3-5--------x-x-|----x-------x---|--3-5---------x-| 
E  :3---x-1-3---x-1-|3------------x-x-|3---x-1-3---x-1-|3-------------x-| 

E  :-----------------| 
B  :-----------------| 
G  :-----------------| 
D  :------5~---------| 
A  :-3-h5------------| 
E  :-----------------| 

This is played right at the end: 

E  :-----------------|----------------| 
B  :-----------------|----------------| 
G  :-----------------|----------------| 
D  :--------7\5--3---|5---------------| 
A  :-----------------|----------------| 
E  :-----------------|----------------| 

Just mess around with the fills. In fact, the second one
is just kind of a spiffy remix of the actually fill you
can hear Craig playing. And you won't hear anything like
the last measure in the second fill. Heh. Oh, and an * means
stop the note from sounding.

Here's a midi for those of you that don't have the audio
for that acoustic version of Fly Away:

I've been using Anvil Studio for quite a few years now and
I don't believe there's a way to do pitch bends in it....
Anyway, that's why where the slight bends are you'll just
hear the regular note... This is most noticable around 18
seconds where he hits C5 a lot and bends it a little. Heh.
Anytime a note is bent a 1/2 or whole step it'll just play
the note that you bend to. 

After the solo I just threw in the fills so you can get an
idea of what they sound like when played with the rythm. 

Anyway, you can find the MP3 on Kazaa pretty easily if you
don't have it, and it's a good song, so check it out. Heh. 

Have fun. Enjoy. :)