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Alright Already Chords

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			Alright Already - Larry Stewart
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Chorus:	              G                          C7
	She's alright already, she's back on her feet
	                   G                D
	it didn't take her long to get over me
	                 G                  C7
	my heart's still hurtin' but what's killin me
	              G           D          G
	she's alright already and I'm just a memory

Verse1:	C                                  G
	there I stood with flowers in hand hopin' to dry her tears
	C                                  D
	she walked out that door with him, grinning from ear to ear


	[SOLO - over 2nd half of chorus]

	    C                                     G
	She said there would never be anyone else no one could fill my shoes
	C                                  D
	now she's using that same old line snuggled up to someone new

                      G           D          G
	she's alright already and I'm just a memory

	charted by Rick Schofield (