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Foolish Chords

This is my own written song- enjoy! (so reviewer- I own the copyright)
Chords, music and lyrics by Andrew Lang

D	Em7	D	Em7	D	Em7	D	Em7	

Verse 1
D	Em7	D	Em7				
What did I do? Losing you,

D	Em7	D	Em7	D	Em7	D	Em7
I was so dumb, if only into my arms you could come.

D	Em7	D	Em7	D	Em7	
I was foolish to leave you, what did I do? [2x]

Verse 2
Now it’s six months later, and I’ve blown the papers,
I’m feelin’ so depressed and I’ve never got a right guess.
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Verse 3
So I went to find her, but all I got was a cat purr,
Then I saw her face, and this is what I said
G     D     G7
And she said

Coda 1
D	Em7	D	Em7
I forgive you, and I’m all through,

D	Em7	D	Em7 
Let’s start this relationship again,

D	Em7	D	Em7
And pretend it never happened

Verse 4
Now I’m married and I got happiness in me,
But I still think that

Coda 2 
D                  Em7         D                  Em7
What did I, What did I, What did I, What did I, do? [2x]
Left her!