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Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 00:08:22 -0500
Subject: TAB:pretty in punk by Ladder truck

song: pretty in punk (ode to molly)
artist: ladder truck
tabbed by: me (honeyspdr9)

though the whole song it's just these chords

   Em    G      D     A
e----     --3--  --2-- 
b----     --3--  --3--   -2-
g----     --0--  --2--   -2-
d--2-    --0--  ------   -2-
a--2-    --2--  ------
e-----    --3--  ------
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sittin' here listenin to greenday
thinking of jon he's 3000 miles away
brent's got his finger up my ass
joey's on my bed what a blast

chorus: basket case, longview
            billy joe i really love you ooooooooooohhhhhhhooooooo
            playin my white hondo

well i went to the waffle house and met a punk
took me back to his pad, and we got kind of drunk
now mike dirnt i dont wanna leave you out
screeching weasels what im all about

stealin' signs at the amc
my special sister tiava's with me
set her up with dog boy moon
next thing you know theyre screwing in a room


the rain was there to wash away my tears
i wished i could be them,
but instead i whined about myself
its alll depression from days to come
my life brings you sadness
and tears like a waterfall tumbling over the rocks as your cheeks are damp
with saltiness and love and passion granted to you,
your dear friend molly


the end, bye now