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Space Cadet Tab

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Space Cadet    Kyuss

What I have tabbed here is the main guitar part. The guitar should be
tuned down half a step then the 6th string tuned down a whole step further,
in effect a drop C# tuning. But for those playing alone, just go for 
a drop-D tuning.


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Riff 1a
---------------------|---------------------------   Note: There is a second 
---------------------|---------------------------   guitar which plays a high
---------------------|---------------------------   part alongside this. I have
-0-0-x-----0---------|-0-0-x---------------------   a feeling it’s in a weird  
-0-0-x-8\\\0-3h5p3---|-0-0-x----------------3h5—-   tuning so I haven’t tabbed
-0-0-x-----0-------3-|-0-0-x-3b—--0-3/5-5h7------   it here.

Riff 1b
---------------------|-------------------------     Guitar 1 plays a number of
---------------------|-------------------------     variations on these riffs.
---------------------|-------------------------     These two parts are a useful
-0-0-x-----0---------|-------------------------     starting point, but are by no
-0-0-x-8\\\0-3h5p3---|-----------3--3h5--------     means perfect.

Riff 2  
--------------------------  The verse parts combine both riff 1 a/b and riff 2. Look at 
--------------------------  the first verse below for an idea of how to alternate.
--------------------------  Basically, you play a cycle of riff 2/riff 1a/riff2/riff1b during
--------------------------  the verses, and also as a link. The chorus parts feature only
-3-x-3--5-3-2--2----------  riffs 1 a/b, except for repetition of the final line over riff 2.
-----------------0—3-x—3—   It sounds complex, but listen to the tune and you’ll figure it.