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Sing for me                                     
Krystal Meyers

Capo 1

I'm sitting on the roof again
Staring at the stars 
Hope flies in the shadows 
I wonder where you are 
Are you listening for my voice 
C                            F   C  G
Feel You so close yet You're far away 
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                Em          C        G
		Sing for me one more song
                Em          C        G
		Pray for me one more time 
                     Am               C           G
		I can feel You though You're not here 
                     Am                       C
		Your voice whispers in the breeze 
                         G   Am       C    F      C       G
		And You are near (to me)

Through everything around me 
I find comfort in You 
Through trials and the heartache 
Your words, they speak the truth 
Lay me down to sleep now 
You'll still be on my mind 
If I die before I wake
You'd still see through the line

	I've been whipped out, 
        C          G
	Cut short, stopped within my tracks 
                  Am           C
	I've been tagged down, turned 'round 
	Learned to face the facts 
              Am           C
	I was nothing, now something 
	You're everything to me 
        Am        C
	Don't go, please stay 
	You're all that I need 

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