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Never Have I Fallen Chords & Tabs

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Never Have I Fallen Chords

Never Have I Fallen                   
 By: Billy Robinson (Loran and Darcy’s Song)
(Capo 4)
     G                                  Em
Your lips speak soft sweetness
     C9                            D4
Your touch a cool caress
 G                              Em
I am lost in your magic
   C9                                        D4
My heart beats in your chest
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I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms around me
 D4      D
So tight
(can’t express my delight)

G                         Em
Never have I fallen
C9                                   D4
But I am quickly on my way
G                                       Em
You hold a heart in your hands
C9                                             D4
that’s never been given away