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Song: I Can Remember
Artist: Korn

This song is off the Got the Life EP... it is probably downloadable 
but i dunno this is one badass song for you hardcore korn fans, korn
has a bunch of awesome and I mean awesome songs (none of them suck) 
that they for some reason refuse to put on their albums but instead
put on soundtracks or hide on EPs such as this one. 
all 7-string guitars tuned down one step (ADGCFAD)

There is another version of this song out there but its not totally 
right its missin some stuff.

You need a wah pedal with an envelope filter and some good Korny 
distortion (mesa boogie rectifiers are the best)
h-hammeron p-pulloff /-slide ^bend ^(before number)prebend/release 
                                                  (bend the string
                                                  before playing it
                                                 and unbend it once
                                                you do)
Intro (bass only)

Guitar Intro/Chorus 1/Outro

Guitar 1 (munky)
heavy distortion
C-8-------8-------9/11/9-8-------8-------8/10- x4

Guitar 2 (head)
heavy distortion use wah/wah as indicated *use wah pedal on these notes
D-6*------6*------7h9*p7-6*------6*------6*h8- x4
on the open notes randomly abuse the wah pedal but make sure you keep
the rhythm with the regularly wahed notes dont do it if its too hard
but thats how head plays it

Verse 1

Guitar 1
light distortion here, pick the strings at an angle almost scratching 
A-12-12-12-13-13-13-12-12-12-13-13-13-13-(rest before repeat)
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Guitar 2
there might be some distortion here but certainly not much, if there
is it is probably muffled b/c he is using his wah pedal. you should do
the same, set it to envelope filter setting and just tag this on the 
end of gtr 1's part and on the last time do a pick slide.

Chorus plays...

fill after chorus (this is just bass and Jon makin some weird vocal 
noises but you can imitate those if you wanna by picking the low A
and wahing it every time he makes that little gagging noise. sounds
cool to me anyway. this plays again after the interlude)

Verse 2

Guitar 1's part is the same but Guitar 2 has a different part and thank
me b/c it was a pain in the ass to pick out b/c it was very difficult
to discern what was a bend and what was the envelope filter and just
picking out the notes and the rhythm was hard, plus its a very quiet
part anyway most people wouldn't bother with but i did cause it sounds
cool, also be sure to rest between all of them none of the notes sound
for more than about half a second the timing is as accurate as possible
but this riff spans the whole verse so time it accordingly. this verse
also ends with a pick slide

Guitar 2
(same effects as on the last verse)
A-11^---^10---11^---8-7----11^--^10----7-6- x1

2nd and last Chorus riff (words stay the same but both guitars play 
this bad ass riff)

both guitars, heavy distortion-

C-9-9--8-8--7-7--6-6--5--4- x8

(cut this off right when Jon says "same man")

Interlude (slower than rest of the song)

Guitar 1 (dist)

C-4---5---3----------- x8
A-1---2-------5---4--- 4th time leave out last power chord

Guitar 2 (same effects used in the verses)
4th/8th times A-6-7-6---6-7-6---1-2-1---1-2-1---

play the last chorus and then go back to the heavy wah-wah intro/1st
chorus while jon is screaming "SAME!... man..." the bass plays by 
itself in the last few seconds.

Thats the whole damn song for ya