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Tonight Chords

This is how tom plays it...I saw him do it live.
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/korbee_tom/tonight_crd.html ]
 G             D/F#        Em
Tonight lights dim another day
  G            D/F#           Em
Closing eyes fades the world away
the crowd goes home
you're left all alone
  G          D/F#          Em
Tonight you lie awake in bed
   G         D/F#               Em
plastic stars are cirlcing you head
time wears thin
you're spinning just to spin
and the words that you said
go flashing through my head like an old 
  B7                          Em   A7
projector film in black and white
 C (walkdown)
believe me when I say
   Am                    D7
I wish that I was holing you
G     D/F#     Em
C             D
to hold you in my arms
G      D/F#     Em

I close the door and feel you walk away
I wish the world would stop for just a day
and in my dreams I'll show you what I mean
I'm here to tell you that it's true
and i mean it, every time I kiss you
it feels so right
to be with you....

tonight.....(repeat the chorus, then bridge and chorus)