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We Rock The Mic Bass Tab

			     WE ROCK THE MIC - KJ-52

Tabbed By : jar8021902008
e-mail: jarheadlpfoz@yahoo.com


KJ-52 - We Rock the Mic
Tabbed By: jar8021902008
Email: jarheadlpfoz@yahoo.com 

Tuning: Standard (E A D G)

This is a copy of an old song from 1986. This is my favorite 
KJ-52 song from the 7th avenue, remastered and reissued.
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/kj_52/we_rock_the_mic_btab.html ]
Legend (the standard features of most tabs, other things are labeled special):
  *=let ring.  Each one represents half a note.
  ~=bend note.  Same deal as letting a note ring.
  /=slide up
  \=slide down
  h=hammer on
  p=pull off
  x=Most of the time it represents a dead note, but you don't find many of them in bass.

 intro(starts at 0:00)


Continue to play this bassline for most of the 
song including the chorus.

This is my first bass tab so e-mail me feedback on it.  
jarheadlpfoz@yahoo.com is my e-mail address.