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Shine On Me Bass Tab

Kingston Wall was a psychadelic trio rock band from Finland. They were around in the 
90's and released three or more (I'm not sure) albums. Those weren't however released 
Finland I believe. Which is a shame because I think they're really good.
This song is from their second album, the bass is played by Jukka Jylli, great bass work throughout
the whole album.

Artist: Kingston Wall
Song: Shine on Me
Album: II
Transcribed by Nathan Åkerlund (
Tuning is EADG, timing is not really respected, more like a hint.
Some small fills are left out as they don't matter as much and differ from time to time.

Correction: Oops, seems my bass wasn't in standard tuning when I tabbed this...
The song should be played 1 1/2 step down in pitch. E.g. start on C# instead of E.


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-------------------------------------.) (This part differs throughout the song, sometimes it's
-----------7-5-----------------------.) about twice as long so just do some variations in
-5-7-7-5-7-----7-5-7- this neck area-.)


Bridge and B are now played lots of times until the end with small variations
and fills here and there which I'm too lazy and not good enough to transcribe :)
At 3:10 and 4:50 a fill is played that goes something like:


At 5:30, the song finish off with:



Play pattern A, and after that:


Feel free to contact me if you have any opinions on this transcription.