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Talihina Skies Chords

Guitar Transcription of Bonus Track from Youth and Young Manhood:


D, Bm7 x2

Verse 1:

D                                  Bm7
Weeds blow tall on a broken train track
D                                  Bm
Ruth B. draws we're fixin' to get high
D                                                        Bm7      A
Maybe we'll hit the bluffs and find ourselves the same old rum 

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G                                           A
But everybody says this place is beautiful
And you'd be so crazy to say goodbye
G                                               A
But everything's the same this town is pitiful
And I'll be gettin' out as soon as I can fly 


D                              Bm7
Life goes by on a Talihina sky 

Verse 2:

The hopped up boys are lookin' for their trouble
The knocked up girls, well they've all got their share
Ruth seems out of her mind, swears she won't give in this time

Chorus REpeat