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Lonely Road Of Faith Chords

Lonely Road of Faith

By: R. J. Richie

          C                 Cadd2           G                    D                (3x)

          C                 Cadd2           G                    D
                  Up and down   that   lonely road of faith               I have been there 
          C                Cadd2           G                                     D
                  Unprepared for  the  storms and the tides that rise 

          C                Cadd2           G                      D
              I’ve realized one thing    how much I  love you and it hurts to see   to see you crying
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          C                Cadd2          G                                            D
                  I believe we can  make it through the winds of change (change change)


           C               Cadd2          G                    D
                Woo hoo                           hoo  hoo   hoo

           C               Cadd2          G            D   
              Woo hoo                           hoo  hoo  

And so on, and so on

This is my first Tab so I hope you like it

 I was so sick and tired of not finding this song anywhere on the internet so when I saw the new Guitar World Acoustic magazine (issue no.50) I saw that this song was in it, so to make it easier for other people I decided to post it on this site. If you want the intire song go to your local grocery store and pick up this issue.