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Little One Chords

Little One
Composed and Arranged by Kevin M. Thomas (
Copyright  2003 Kevin M. Thomas

Em C Asus2 Em C Asus2 Em C Asus2 Em C Asus2

   Em                   C    Asus2 
Conception of this earth and happiness was bound,
       Em                  C         Asus2 
by the sins of the two who made that fatal sound.
   Em                  C    Asus2 
Perfection and the like and pleasures all around,
    Em                  C                 Asus2 
was taken away by their greed and now all frown. 
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Em             C                Asus2
Little one you suffered so damn long,
    Em        C           Asus2 
the days were endless and nothing seemed to calm.
Em                   C                   Asus2  
Abuse in the day and night, you wore the crown,
    Em               C                 Asus2 
But end it will fear not, it's turning around. 

Em             C                Asus2 
Little one you cry those tears alone.
Em             C                  Asus2 
Little one you hide your truth at home.
Em                      C              Asus2 
Shaking in your bed you pray to God up high.
     Em           C                  Asus2 
Fear not, He will make the wrong all right!