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Old Lady Tab

Liberation (Kevin Coyne/Pete Kirtley - 1982)

tabbed by seboddos aka zappy the koala

E |-2--2--2--2--0-----0--3--|
B |-3--3--3--3--3--3--2--0--|
G |-2--2--2--2--2-----2--0--|
D |-0--0--0--0--0--------0--|
A |----------------------2--|
E |----------------------3--|
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D                   G                  D                    G
A row of cigarette burns upon your arm 	A burst and bloody nose
C                                 F     C                           F
Call the police for the hundredth time  Keep on getting a familiar line
D                      G	      D                                    G
"It's nothing to do with us" they say  "You shouldn't argue anyway"
D                          G           G
"You should know by now,  You're just a slag, just a cow
C                          F    C                           F
You shouldn't have let him down After all he is your husband (x2)
D                            G     D                          G
But what's that got to do with me? I'm just a man and I've been there, you see
D                    G               C
Felt the violence and felt the pain Liberated,
            D     G
I won't go there again
    D        G
Go there again (x3)
D               G     D                      G
I can hear you crying  Not an answer from the room
D                         G       D                      G
He's out there somewhere drinking Out his failure and his doom
C           F           C    F       C                          F
He wants to know if you'll retum again But enough's enough, enough's enough, enough's 
enough's enough

D                                   G	D                    G
Here's your sister she holds your hand	She's a woman, not a man
D                        G         D                      G
She's a woman and she understands Let me tell you she understands
C                      F             C                 F
She knows and I know There is a much much better road, much
D                     G        D                     G        D                        G 
        D                         G
Don't go there again, don't go there again, we won't go there again , we won't go there again