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Bedshaped Chords

Artist: Keane
Song: Bedshaped
Album: Hopes And Fears
Chords By: Mark Aylward
Date: 23.07.04

Intro - E, Amaj7, C#m, B (x2)

Verse -
E	Amaj7				C#m
	Many's the time I ran with you down,

      B			     E
The rainy roads of your old town.

Amaj7				C#m
Many the lives we lived in each day,

And buried altogether.

Bridge -
       C#m     G#
Don't laugh at me,

       D#m  B
Don't look away. 

Chorus -
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You'll follow me back,

With the sun in your eyes,

     E		 C#m
And on your own, bedshaped,

Your legs of stone.

You'll knock on my door,

And up we'll go,

In white light,
I don't think so.

      A		    F#m7
But what do I know? What do I know?

I know...

[Verse, Bridge and Chorus the same chords as before]

Instrumental -
(Same chords as verse)

Solo -      
F#, E, C#m, B (x3)

Outro - 
F#m7, E