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Undisturbed Chords

Kashmir - Undisturbed  
Album - Home Dead
Tabtype - Chords

Tabbed by Malchik


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Intro: C-G-C

C   G  C     C
I'm so tired
C                G             C      C
It feels like my head has been fried
Dm        Am          G
You don't ask for the night 
  bmaj7          G7
hanging under my eyes 
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C   G C    C
All I need
C               G        C    C
is a blanket to cover my feet
Dm              Am         G
and a touchdown lit up and wide 
bmaj7                    G7
enough for me to descend upon 

F            Fm
The evening is undisturbed 
Free from words 
of those who necessarily 
G           F
had to honk horns 
Em             G7
at the freeway ghost. Who has 

no place left 
but the vacuum of everyones thrift 
and the sounds of an anxious world 
who'll never make it on time 

In this home 
there is solitude by telephones 
of fifteen different take away menues 
I slabber on 

The evenings are undisturbed 
Free from words of those who 
necessarily had to speak up 
when the lights were off and all 
"notrihgtnow" signs called the sounds 
to stop