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Oh My God Tab

this was the debut limited edition single from britains hottest new band the kaiser chiefs.

Piano Intro (chords Dm G)

Then over Dm G

E ---------------10----------------|
B ---------------10----------------|
G ---10-12^------10-------12^------|
D 12--------12---------------------|
A ---------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------|

listen to record for rhythm

Verse: Dm G

Bridge: G Dm C Bb x2, second time Bb for 4 bars

Verse Dm G
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/kaiser_chiefs/oh_my_god_tab.html ]
Bridge: G Dm C Bb x2, second time 4 bars on Bb

CHORUS: Dm Dm Dm Bb C      repeat as wished
         3 bars - 1 bar

Verse, Bridge, Chorus


E 1-----------1---------------1-----------1-------------|
B --1-3---------1-3-5-6---------1-3---------1-3-5-6-8---|
G ------------------------------------------------------|  x2
D ------------------------------------------------------|
A ------------------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------|
 then after solo from the last 8fret on Bstring, go up in semitones til you reach 21st 
on top E string.

Then another chorus