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Dosti Chords

submited by : zain kazmi
occupation: student

hey guyz this is an easy song to play .....there r some sequences for the lines of the songs

1st sequence: Am  Dm  G  C
2nd sequence: Am  Dm  G  E

then this song goes like the following pattern:
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/junoon/dosti_crd.html ]
Am               Dm
yaro yehi dosti hai 
G                   C
kismat say jo milli hai 
 Am                        Dm
sab sang chalein  sab rang chalein
 G                  E
chaltay rahey hum sada
tootay na kabhi saath yeh 
chootay na kabhi haath yeh
G                  E
apni to hai yehi dua.....

then goes again

yaro yehi dosti hai ....

so enjoy playing n remember me in ur prayers..!