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Kathleen Chords

Written and Performed by Josh Ritter
Album:  Hello Starling
transcribed by Hunter Dalby

Capo 3rd fret

all chords in relation to capo

Gmaj [ 3 2 0 0 3 3 ]
Cadd9 [ x 3 2 0 3 3 ]
Em7 [ 0 2 2 0 3 3 ]
Am [ x 0 2 2 1 0 ]
C [x 3 2 0 1 0 ]
Gmaj    Cadd9    Gmaj    Cadd9
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Gmaj                                     Cadd9                                     Gmaj  
all the other girls here are stars—you are the Northern Lights
Gmaj                                                  Cadd9                              
           Gmaj         Cadd9
they try to shine in through your curtains—you're too close and too bright
Gmaj                          Em7
they try and they try but everything that they do
         Am                                C                        Gmaj
is the ghost of a trace of a pale imitation of you
                              Cadd9                                      Gmaj      Cadd9
I'll be the one to drive you back home Kathleen
Gmaj                                       Cadd9                                         
  Gmaj       Cadd9
this party is made with the night air and the chance that a smile
Gmaj                                      Cadd9                                         
will wind its way from your face to one of the boys in your line
Gmaj                                                Em7
you act like you're hip to their tricks and you're strong
           Am                       C                                            Gmaj
but a virgin Wurlitzer heart never once had a song
                                Cadd9                                Gmaj        Cadd9
I'll be the one to drive you back home Kathleen
Gmaj                                                           D
and I'll have you back by break of day
I'm going your way anyway
and if you'd like to come along
I'll be yours for a song

Interlude:   Gmaj       Cadd9       Gmaj         Cadd9

Gmaj                                             Cadd9                           Gmaj    
I know you are waiting and I know that it is not for me
Gmaj                                                          Cadd9                      
                  Gmaj          Cadd9
but I'm here and I'm ready and I've saved you the passenger seat
Gmaj                                        Em7
I won't be your last dance just your last goodnight
Am                                            C                                          
every heart is a package tangled up in knots someone else tied
                                 Cadd9                                Gmaj         Cadd 9
I'll be the one to drive you back home Kathleen

Gmaj    Cadd9     Repeat  4 times

Gmaj                                            Cadd9                                
so crawl up your trellis and quietly back into your room
Gmaj                                                             Cadd9                   
            Gmaj         Cadd9
and I'll coast down the length of your drive by the light of the moon
Gmaj                                                       Em7
and the next time I see you a new kind of hello
                 Am                                    C
both our hearts have a secret only both of us know
                  Gmaj          Cadd9                                     Gmaj        Cadd9
'bout the night that I drove you back home Kathleen

Repeat       Gmaj   Cadd9