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Yvette In English Chords

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From: (Sunil Shaw)

Yvette in English
Joni Mitchell and David Crosby,
from her album, Turbulent Indigo

First time posting, please forgive any inaccuracies.
Having forgotten what little music theory I ever knew,
I have no idea what the chords are really called, but here
are their shapes, and the tuning, as I hear it. This is the
barest skeleton of what joni plays, but by using this tuning, the
shapes and by listening to the album, you can get pretty close.

(tune each string down,
to the nearest correct note)


(same tuning for 'God must be a boogie man',
also by joni, album=mingus)

Chord shapes

Am   =999800
F    =555500
G=   =777700
Dm   =222100
C    =000000
      00012 12 12

Yvette in English

Aflat, Am, Aflat, Am

F     G            Am
   He met her in a french cafe

F       G                  Am
   She slipped in sideways like a cat
[ Tab from: ]
F           G               Am
   Sidelong glances, what a wary little stray

F      G             Criff
   She sticks in his mind like that

        C            Am(2)
Saying 'avez vous un alumette'

         Dm                    F
With her lips wrapped around a cigarette

F         G               Am
Yvette in english saying 'please have this

F       G     Aflat
Little bit of instant bliss...'

Am, Aflat, Am, Aflat, next verse

He's fumbling with her foreign tongue
Reaching for words and drawing blanks,
A loud mouth is stricken deaf and dumb
In a bistro on the left bank
'If I was a painter,' Picasso said
'i'd paint this girl from toe to head'
Yvette in English, saying 'please have this
Little bit of instant bliss

Burgundy nocturne tips and spills
They trot along nicely in the spreading stain
new chills, new thrills
for the old uphill battle
How did he wind up here again?
Walking and talking, touched and scared
Uninsulated wires laid bare
Yvette in English, saying 'please have this
Little bit of instant bliss

What blew her like a leaf his way
up in the air and down to earth
First she flusters, then she frays
So quick to question her own worth
Her cigarette burns her finger tips
As it falls like fireworks, she curses it
Yvette in English, saying 'please have this
Little bit of instant bliss

He sees her turn and walk away
Skittering like a cat on stone
Her high heels clicking, what a wary little stray
She leaves him by the Seine,
With the black water and the amber lights
And the bony bridge between left and right
Yvette in English, saying 'please have this
Little bit of instant bliss