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verse Progression x12200
Chorus Progresion x12200

Whos to say, hes not the gifted one, that i thought up, 
hes not the teacher son,but hes just there, 
reason for her to say that she needs it, substansive her today, 
well whos to say, hes not going to see her son   well i forgot, 
hes not the gifted one, no hes just a , another 
version of his dad hell learn to love, things that he never
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all he ever does is walk alone, man he can only walk so far before, 
all he ever does is look inside, he dont need no help,  to hide

i know shes all that he ever loved at 17, 
too bad for her he was a passing thing, 
only tempooorary till she finds, 
someone with everything that she worked with , 
mac dollar sugar queen well same old scene.
consists of diamond rings but thats ok  
probly better any way cuz now that shes free she might finally 
see that (Back to Chorus) then ends it
   Listen to the song for timing. He messes up on the solo but if 
you have another guitar player 
around just make something up for the solo. I did my best on 
the lyrics its hard to understand jack at certain parts. 
Have fun with this cool song