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Belle Tab

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Belle -- Jack Johnson

What a kick-ass song off his latest CD. Sorry I don't have the words .... listen to
the song to get the actual rhythm ... its hard to duplicate that on here. I think Jack
fingerpicks it on a nylon string, but with a bit of practice it can be done with a pick.
Sorry I don't know some of the chord names.

I know lots of Jack's songs are tabbed really inaccurately. I figured out most of the
actual versions, but haven't tabbed me yet. Email me at for good tabz.

Belle -- Jack Johnson
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  Use your thumb to get that bass note. 

  C#m7    Dm7

|-----------5----------------------------| He plays this three times:
|---6-----6---6---7---7---6-------6------| Once with only guitar, once with
|---5---5---------7---7---7-----7---7----| an accordian, and finally once
|---7-------------7---7---7---7----------| with him singing.

Tabbed by turvyc