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Im In Love Tab

Author : John The Whistler
Title : I'm In love
Tabbed by : Dorin

This is done by many artists, but the original (oldest) version is this one.
The tabs and chords are below

Solo for the whistle part: (nice if used with pitch variation effect)
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      Am                      C
 No matter what they say, now, I'm in love
         Am			C
      I do it my own way 'cause I'm in love
             Am			C
      And I can't keep that song out of my mind
		Am		C
      Whistling that silly tune all the time
Dm F Am C G Em E Am x2
      I'm in love

      No matter what they say, I don't care
      I whistle anyway, everywhere
      I wrote this little song on my own
      She said that I'm a genius, I'm in love

      My friends say that I'm crazy, I'm just fine
      My neighbours stare at me, nevermind!
      'Cause only tells the sweetness of her smile
      My supersonic girl, I'm in love

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